There is an odd idea out there that is keeping many bloggers and website owners from reaching their potential. (Bloggers and website owners love to talk themselves out of making money.) That idea is this and I hear it at least once per day: "I don't want to sell or advertise anything to my audience […] Read More

Do you find it hard to make money from your email list? Not sure how often to send ‘promo’ messages which pay dividends and at the same time keep your readers and subscribers interested in your brand and business? Want to know how super affiliate marketers and pro bloggers are milking their mailing lists and […] Read More

Double Opt-In Is Destroying Your List and Your Business

I admit it. I'm a recovering double opt-in zealot. I used to be adamant that a double opt-in email list was the only way to grow a responsive list. My feeling was, “If the subscriber can’t even be bothered to click on the first link in the first email they get 30 seconds after they […] Read More

After Offers Review

One of our newer hosts in the internet marketing vertical did a good write up about how After Offers helped him monetize his free newsletter. He also addresses some concerns he had and how he evaluated using the service: […] Read More

$100 and 90 Days

I was recently asked, along with many other online entrepreneurs, what advice I would give to someone if they had just $100 and 90 days to start an online business. Here's my answer and that of other online marketers: […] Read More

The Lies Email Marketing Experts Are Telling You

I wrote a guest post titled, "5 Email Marketing Myths People Still Think Are True" over at Brad Stafford's website. It surprises me that some "experts" are still promoting email marketing strategies that simply don't work anymore. In the article I go through five of the most egregious and explain the reality behind the theory […] Read More

Here's our system for the ultimate webinar registration path. You'll see how we get more email newsletter subscribers and generate more revenue at the same time. This was done in the online investing and trading vertical, but the strategy is the same for every industry. Webinars are popular sales tools these days, but for many […] Read More

Using Feedburner as Your Email List? Oh boy…

I see it way too frequently. Bloggers who rely on Feedburner to maintain their "email list" are making a huge mistake and the faster you correct it, the better off you'll be. First, let's clear something up. Using Feedburner as your "email marketing" isn't email marketing at all. Sure, it will email people every time […] Read More

Q: How Often Should I Email My List?

There are two types of website owners who have an email list: 1) New list owners who are so afraid of "unsubscribes" that they rarely email their list. When they do so, they give everything away for free because they think asking their subscribers to buy something, will offend people. They also believe that if […] Read More

How To Automatically BCC Gmail Emails

UPDATE: Gmail Auto BCC Chrome Extension 4.6 has been added to the Chrome Web Store. Auto BCC Gmail for Chrome, Firefox and Safari is here. Automatically BCC different emails for different (or individual) "from" accounts - even in the new Compose window. With this one you have to click "Compose" after installation for the extension […] Read More